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10 Reasons The Baker & The Beauty Should Be On Your Must-Watch List This Weekend!


10 Reasons The Baker & The Beauty Should Be On Your Must-Watch List This Weekend!

The Baker & The Beauty, a brand-new romantic comedy TV show has just landed on Stan and just a few episodes in we are already OBSESSED.

Is it a high-concept show? No. Is it rollicking good fun, filled with delicious pastries and the perfect pinch of ~romance ~. A BIG YES.

So here are 10 reasons you should add it to your weekly watch list!

10. There’s a new episode every week

In this age of never-ending Netflix bingeing it’s fun to have a show that’s a weekly drop! Stan is dropping a new episode of this beauty every Tuesday so you can pencil it in every week. Each episode is about 45 minutes long so I recommend cosying up with a cup of tea, a warm blanket and your favourite baked goods each Tuesday night!

9. The characters are warm and relatable

There is something so delightful about a TV show where all the characters are likeable (mostly). Yes, they are flawed, and they show those flaws, but at the end of the day you’re quite content to watch their smiles light up the screen. Of particular note are Daniel’s parents Rafael and Mari, whose tender romantic moments are absolutely heart-warming to watch!

8. The lead actress is an Aussie

Yes! The Baker & The Beauty is a US-based show but the lead actress is a local girl! Nathalie Kelley plays Noa Hamilton, glamorous Australian multi-millionaire business owner and socialite. A show like this could so easily have made their lead female character be a shallow heiress, simply spending her father’s money and partying, but Noa is different. She’s a millionaire in her own right, a CEO, and an advocate for other women. YES QUEEN!

7. The baked goods are #goals

My only major problem with this show is that it makes me SO hungry! The central character Daniel operates a bakery with his parents and two siblings and so several scenes depict their delectable baked goods being created and eaten. *salivates* What could be better than a show about baking AND romance?

6. It’s genuinely funny

There are some fun laugh-out-loud moments! True some of the dialogue is a bit corny (but I kinda love that) however there are several moments from the first few episodes that had me laughing out loud.


5. It’s set in Miami

At this time when we’re all stuck at home, and as the days get darker and cooler it’s fun to escape to the sun-drenched, beach-filled, musical wonderland of TV-Miami! I’m not saying it’s as fun as ACTUALLY going on holiday… but it’s satisfying my wanderlust for now.

4. The dialogue is corny… Like every good romantic comedy!

This is no West Wing. The dialogue is occasionally VERY cringe-y. But in the BEST way! It feel like watching a sweet, classic romantic comedy. Except this one has a new segment every week! Plus the easy-to-watch format means no thinking is required. So you can turn off your brain and just relax into it…

3. There’s going to be DRAMAAAA

Ok SPOILER ALERT but this show is going to be DRAMATIC. Episode 1 shows Daniel’s long-time girlfriend Vanessa very publically proposing to him at a restaurant… and he turns her down. He then ends up meeting Noa Hamilton AT THE SAME RESTAURANT and starts to fall in love with HER. Vanessa is NOT pleased! I can see some serious TENSION bubbling here and I am very excited for it to burst! DRAMAAAAA!!!

2. the ~ romance ~

Even though Daniel is a huge jerk when he rejects Vanessa so publicly (awkies) the sexual tension between himself and Noa is VERY steamy, and you can’t help kinda rooting for them to find happiness together…


1. It’s basically a Mills & Boon novel…

So the whole thing is a love story about two people from entirely different world who meet by chance and fall madly in love. Could this BE any more of a Mills & Boon novel??? That’s what makes it so wonderful… just watching this blossoming romance unfold on-screen is a DE-light! And reminds us to make sure we’ve pre-ordered next month’s Mills & Boon books….

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