15 Highlights from The Bachelor 2018


15 Highlights from The Bachelor 2018

It was a turbulent season of the Bachelor this year and I for one am exhausted. Not from the show itself, but from the Twitterstorm that ensued every single episode. In ancient Greece we had gladiator fights, now we have Twitter. Here are some highlights from the season below:

15. Cayla (Cayla, Caila or Kayla?) Jumping into the Pool


Cayla thought to herself, “This’ll get his attention.” and she jumped right into the pool at the first cocktail party. If you’ve seen any season of America’s Next Top Model you’d know this is a very, very bad idea. Reality TV 101, Cayla.


14. Tenille’s Walk Away

Walking away from a toxic environment? Realizing that there are better ways to be spending your time than being mercilessly bullied on national television? I don’t remember ordering this agency–but I like it. I like it a lot.


13. Cat and Sophie sharing an EX





12. The Three Bullies, otherwise known as The Three Witches of Macbeth



This was a pretty problematic dynamic and though we obviously tune in for the drama between contestants, this was the first time Twitter collectively said “nah” to the bullying in this show. Women hating women is real and while we expect some type of villain in the Bachie shows such as Keira, we and the girls are all aware that they’re an asshole and playing it up for the producers. But this was just too real for us.


11. Romy Leaving to Be With Her Friends


It was a real pity.


10. Brittany’s Dad


“You’re doing WHAT?!” –Brittany’s Dad approximately 6 months ago, probably.


9. Cass having a Fling With Nick Before the Season


Seriously, is there like a club of these people that meet before the show starts? Like a nightclub or a secret society just for gearing up to go on reality television? What’s the pa$$word?


8. Brittany and Cass Fighting Over Nick


Welcome to the show.


7. Brooke’s Walk Out


Yo this girl knew her worth 10/10 Google review.


6. Sophie and Jacob having more chemistry than her and Nick

Would have been the plot twist of the season and an excellent Mills & Boon novel so someone get on that.


5. Nick saying “But…” A Lot



Gentlemen do not take notes.


4. Sophie’s Rejection Highlighter


This is a literal highlight–I just need someone from the Bachelor team to send me a link to that highlighter—thanks.


3. Nick not picking anyone


“So this is it?” Brittany asked icily. Ladies and gentlemen, met our new Prime Minister.


2.  “Thanks for sharing…”

Was the last thing Nick could say before Brittany abruptly turned around and haughtily walked away from Nick and I’ve never seen a truer personification of “done” in my life.


1. Women Sticking Together

In the finale, neither Britt nor Sophie were chosen. Brittany realised in the car and mumbled under her breath, “Well that was a waste of time, wasn’t it?” Yes, Brittany, it was. Then she found out that Sophie didn’t know yet and asked to go see Sophie to check if she’s okay. She tells Sophie that he didn’t choose her either, and she didn’t want her friend to think she had “lost.”

They hug, cry and laugh together at the utter ridiculousness of this season.

This is obviously the redemption of female friendship that was absent for most of the season and is supposed to make up for the bullying earlier on. I for one would love a season of women calling out the Bachelor and Osher getting a much-needed vacation.

The next time someone incredulously asks me why I read romance I’m going to send them a link to this episode.


By Hillary Albertson 

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