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34 thoughts I had while watching Holiday Rush


34 thoughts I had while watching Holiday Rush

Full disclosure, I LOVE (love) a cheesy Christmas romance, so get ready for my totally unbiased thoughts on the Netflix original Holiday Rush. A single dad, some Christmas spirit and a friends-to-lovers storyline … I am here for it.

  1. I love that single dad Rush has taken the time for a proper morning routine. That robe is luxe! As JVN would say, ‘it’s not vanity, it’s self-care’. But why is he shaving his forehead? Is this a guy thing I’m just not privy to?
  2. The twins are 10/10 relatable – what’s not to love about a mini horse? I, like all of us, went through my own horse stage, and I don’t think this is an unreasonable request.
  3. Who is this Roxy chick, and why is she in their kitchen this early in the morning? She is either a potential love interest or she’s the sister.
  4. Mya’s teenage ‘it’s too early for teachable moments’ is 100% accurate and I don’t even hate her for it.
  5. Aunt Jo telling it how it is. We’ve only met three kids so far, but greedy does seem to sum them up.
  6. I love a Christmas pun! And Rush sleighed this one.
  7. These kids need a massive reality check. They’re as spoilt as milk left out on the bench in the middle of summer, and I sure am hoping this is headed in the direction of knocking some sense into them.
  8. If only we all had Rush’s confidence that we are THAT GOOD at our jobs.
  9. Also Roxy’s confidence that everything is going to work out even though they are both (SPOILERS) out of a job.
  10. Are Americans allowed to fire people for no reason? This sounds like a redundancy, but with no notice or severance package? That’s cold. And right before Christmas, too!
  11. ‘This is not a pie situation.’ I’m sorry Aunt Jo, but every situation is a pie situation.
  12. Okay, here’s the definitely-not-his-sister-Roxy and Rush content I’m looking for. That was a seriously extended hand hold right there.
  13. Newsflash, Rush! Someone who is just a ‘friend’ is not risking their 401K for you.
  14. This scene with the ghost of Rush’s late wife is really beautiful. The kids might be annoying and spoilt, but you really feel for them having missed out on such a wonderful warm mum.
  15. Sort yourself out, Rush, even your wife’s ghost sees there’s something between you and Roxy!
  16. Ex-boss Marshall is the absolute worst.
  17. Forget the fact that this new building does not look like a radio station, that was one lingering as heck shoulder touch right there.
  18. Yep, knew it, a definite almost kiss.
  19. Jamal is dealing with some heavy stuff. The kid is just trying to do his best, and he be breaking my heart.
  20. ‘Your insecurity is not my problem.’ PREACH, JANELLA! Especially when said to weak-spined Marshall.
  21. At this stage even the waiter is picking up on the sexual tension between Roxy and Rush.
  22. I love a romantic dinner for two, but if my date stood up and started addressing our fellow diners, I would be out of there faster than a kid to their presents on Christmas morning.
  23. Very divided on whether this little dance is cute or awkward.
  24. Kiss!!!! Finally.
  25. This movie has treated Paula so well as still a part of Rush and the kids’ hearts, but not in a way that doesn’t leave room for Roxy. 10/10 well done.
  26. Watching Rush sit down and actually talk to Jamal hits right in the feels. This is what good parenting looks like.
  27. I know this is a family movie first and a romance second, but I would have liked to have seen something a little more dramatic go down between Rush and Roxy. Where is the tension?
  28. I’m loving the character development for the kids. I almost don’t hate them at this stage.
  29. These matching family Christmas onesies are an actual dream, and I will be getting online after this to see where I can source a set of my own. Would the Australian equivalent be those matching Christmas rashies?
  30. Stop it. The words on the back of the onesies are peak Christmas cheese.
  31. Wait, is this not a proposal? I’m a little disappointed but can’t say I’m surprised. That seems to fit with what we’ve seen from Rush so far.
  32. ‘My teeth were hot, just letting them get a little bit of air’ from villain turned mediocre Christmas saviour Marshall may possibly be the best line in the whole movie.
  33. Wow, holy heck, Aunt Jo is BANGING. Even at 26, there’s no way I’m pulling off that dress.
  34. And after everything, we get the happily ever after we’re looking for in our Christmas movie binge. Nothing particularly ground-breaking but the warm ginger-scented feels we were promised. I’d give it a 7/10 on the Netflix Christmas movie scale.

By Johanna Baker

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