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5 Things We Love About Sandra Bullock


5 Things We Love About Sandra Bullock

I’ve been a fan of Sandra since forever, or more specifically since she rocked the screen with Keanu Reeves in Speed back in 1994. One of my all-time favourite Sandra B films is the classic romcom, While You Were Sleeping. So much so that, during my pandemic 90s retro revisit, I decided to see if I could reimagine the story as an Australian rural romance comedy – and While You Were in the Country was born (released 3 August 2022). The main character, Frankie, is a warm, funny, strong woman who does things her own way. Rather like Sandra.

Sandra’s screen chemistry and comedic timing is not the only thing we love about her. Here’re 5 reasons why Sandra is still the Queen of the Silver Screen.


1) Sisters are doing it for themselves

Sandra is the first to acknowledge the fickle nature of the movie industry. It’s a big business in which you’re a cog in a giant machine. Projects take years to come to fruition, and sometimes they never make it at all. To counter slow-moving work culture, Sandra opened two restaurants in her hometown of Austin, Texas. Walton’s Fancy & Staple provides the grounding Sandra needs as she is involved in every aspect of both businesses. Food is a family affair: Sandra’s sister, Gesine, is a pastry chef with her own baking school and TV show. Like Sandra, Frankie in While You Were in the Country has a close bond with her sister, Adele. Although I’m sure Gesine is nowhere near as annoying.


2) Sandra has great taste in men

Right now, Sandra is dating the dishy photographer, Bryan Randall, who she met in 2015 when he photographed her son Louis’s birthday. Even before meeting the man she calls the love of her life, Sandra had great taste in men – Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans … to name just a few. Her five-year marriage to the infamous Jesse James might have ended in a cheating scandal but hey, we all have that one bad boy in our history. (Bit like Frankie with Jed – While You Were in the Country‘s anti-hero and AFL superstar.) Just another reason to love her.


3) BF Forever

Sandra’s warmth and generosity, often spoken about by her co-stars, has led to strong, genuine and lasting friendships in an industry known for shallowness. Jennifer Aniston (introduced to Sandra by a mutual boyfriend), Melissa McCarthy and Sarah Paulson are just three of her best buddies. Her key to friendship success? Showing an authentic interest in people. She’s a big note sender too, checking in on her tribe no matter how busy she gets.


In While You Were in the Country, Frankie learns the value of being a part of a community that cares. These are the relationships that sustain you when things get tough and help you celebrate when times are lush.

4) Hidden talents

Sandra is not only a great actress and businesswoman, she can also sing! She grew up in Nuremburg, Germany where her mother was an opera singer. Sandra appeared in opera productions with her mum and also sang in a children’s choir. Who knew?


5) Nailed it!

Sandra B nails comedy and drama and romance and action. She can make us laugh, cry and gasp by turns. Here’s a list of my all-time favourite Sandra movies just in case you want to have yourself a little Sandra B film festival. I highly recommend it.

Speed (1994); While You Were Sleeping (1995); A Time to Kill (1996); Practical Magic (1998); Hope Floats (1998); Miss Congeniality (2000); The Lake House (2006); The Proposal (2009); The Blind Side (2009), Gravity (2013); Minions (2015); Ocean’s 8 (2018), and Bird Box (2018).


What’s your favourite Sandra movie?


Eva Scott is the bestselling author of rural romcoms such as Lonely in Longreach and Meet Me in Bendigo. A lifelong storyteller, she lived in Britain and Papua New Guinea before coming home to Australia to train as a cultural anthropologist. She now lives in rural Tasmania, amongst vineyards and orchards, with her husband and son, two cats and a cocker spaniel.

If you’d like to know more about Eva, her books, or to connect with her online, you can visit her website:

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