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8 Shows To Watch After You’ve Watched Virgin River.


8 Shows To Watch After You’ve Watched Virgin River.

Now that season four of Virgin River has debuted, and you’ve binged all twelve episodes like me, you’ll be needing more of the smalltown feels, more of the drama and, of course, more of the romance. So, what else is out there that will nourish your cravings for just a little bit longer? Well, fear not, because we’ve got you covered with the following shows that you should be watching right now!

Sweet Magnolias

Okay, you might accuse us of shamelessly plugging a show, which was also adapted from another of our favourite long-running book series. Still, Sweet Magnolias has the small-town feels in bucketloads and the aforementioned drama. While the romance is light, which is a crying shame because if I were Maddie, I would be teaching Coach Cal a few extracurricular activities to make him sweat, at the heart of this show is the friendship between three fabulous women.

Watch it on: Netflix

Chesapeake Shores

Well, this is another obvious choice, and again not because some books may be involved (did someone say fourteen?). Chesapeake Shores is about a woman moving from New York to her hometown in Maryland to save her sister’s inn from foreclosure. Add in the high school sweetheart who has grown up to be an even bigger sweetheart and ultimate eye candy to boot, you cannot go wrong with this heart-warming show.

Watch it on: Google Play


I confess to not having seen this show, but now I’m adding it to my watchlist because it features one of my favourite actors, Treat Williams (he’s also in Chesapeake Shores, for those who are counting). Everwood is aligned with Virgin River in the sense of a doctor moving to a small town after their spouse’s death and is equally charming. It’s also a tad syrupy and wholesome but good family-fare, nonetheless. Extra bonus? You can play the “who will be the first person to spot a young Chris Pratt” game!

Watch it on: 9Now

Hart of Dixie

Big-city doctor moving to a small town and joining the local medical practice? Check. A medical practice run by a grumpy doctor? Big check. Said grumpy doctor played by Tim Matheson? What the?!! The bells are ringing loud and clear with the familiarities between Hart of Dixie and Virgin River! And it’s another sweet, charming, and heartfelt show, topped with enough shenanigans and humour to keep you thoroughly entertained.

Watch it on: Stan

This is Us

Utter perfection. Utter brilliance. Utter EVERYTHING! If you’re looking for a great ensemble cast, family dynamics, love, friendship, and enough emotional punch that will warm your insides or sometimes hit you right between the eyes so you’re grappling for the tissues then this show is an absolute MUST. In other words, my cup of tea!

Watch it on: Disney +

Gilmore Girls

OMG, I cannot write an article like this and not mention this wonderful show, featuring one of my all-time favourite mother and daughter duos. Gilmore Girls has all the cosiness, warmth, and sense of community that we love about Virgin River, not to mention the quirky townsfolk! It also has a killer script, sublime acting and is the ultimate dramedy to say the least.

Watch it on: Netflix


Okay, I know this show is set in the 18th century, thus you’re probably thinking how it made the list, but I have only one thing to say to that…ELECTRIFYING romance! Where Jack and Mel share some hot and heavy scenes, Jamie and Claire positively sizzle and their connection stands the test of time to say the least (see what I did there?) Claire also happens to have a medical background just like Mel, and a very appealing co-star.

Watch it on: Netflix

Schitt’s Creek

For its similar fish-out-of-water trope then look no further than this award-winning show, which just happens to be another of my all-time favourites. With oddball characters in spades and a stellar cast that would make you weep (often from laughing), Schitt’s Creek is pure comedic gold. Put simply, the more you watch, the more you love. Put even more simply, what are you waiting for? Go watch it NOW!

Watch it on: Netflix

P.S don’t miss the Virgin River books by Robyn Carr!

Written by Jo-Ann Milne

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