Bewitching the Highlander

Bewitching the Highlander

by Lois Greiman


Imprint: Avon US

Release date: 2007-11-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9780061191343


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Keelan has awakened from a deep slumber, in another time, in another place, and still haunted by demons of his past. Determined to recover the Treasure that caused his family's downfall, he arrives at the sweeping Scottish countryside . . . and discovers the magic of a gentle, healing touch from a lass who stokes passion's fire in this Highlander's breast.

The mysterious appearance of the Scottish warrior nearly causes Charity to abandon her plans, but she'd been playing the part of a dutiful maid for too long to let someone else walk away with the prize—even if Keelan is as great a temptation as the Treasure. Yet when they are forced on the run, Charity discovers that the Highlander may be too irresistible, and to deny him would be impossible . . . for love's glorious promise awaits her in his powerful embrace and sensuous kiss.

About the author

Lois Greiman

Lois Greiman

Before becoming a full time writer, Lois Greiman’s list of occupations include professionally training and showing Arabian horses, a high fashion model, a fitness instructor and a veterinary assistant. She sold her first book to Avon in 1992 and has written over nineteen romances since then. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and children, not to mention horses and a menagerie of pets.
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