A Heart Divided

A Heart Divided


by Mary Brock Jones


Imprint: Escape Publishing

Release date: 2013-04-01

Pages: 179 Pages

ISBN: 9780857990389


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'The gold rush years where beautiful and hard but Nessa brings a breath of fresh air to the area. Really a delightful story of love and endurance.' Goodreads review

From debut author Mary Brock Jones comes a sweeping historical romance about growing up and getting what you really need, set against the harsh landscape of the New Zealand gold fields.

Newly arrived on the Otago Goldfields of 1863, a young Englishwoman is caught between two men: the younger brother who needs her and the man who loves her.

The goldfields are rough and dangerous, especially for a woman, but Nessa's brother Philip, like all miners, hopes to makes his fortune, and her place is by his side. But the fields hold more than a few surprises, including the acquaintance of Mr John Reid, a local run holder who comes to their aid.

John Reid takes one look at Nessa Ward and knows that he wants her – in his home, in his bed, in his life – but she is hell–bent on putting her brother's needs before her own. All he can do is protect her as best he can, and never give up hope that she will return his love.

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Mary Brock Jones

Mary Brock Jones

Mary Brock Jones lives in New Zealand, but loves nothing more than to escape into the other worlds in her head, to write sciencefiction and historical romances. Sedate office worker by day; frantic scribbler by night.Her parents introduced her to libraries and gave her a farm to play on, where trees became rocket ships and rocky outcrops wereancient fortresses. She grew up writing, filling pages of notebooks and filling her head with stories, but took a number of detours onthe pathway to her dream job. Four grown sons, more than one house renovated and various jobs later, her wish came true.Her...
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