Starstruck In Seattle (Novella)

Starstruck In Seattle (Novella)


by Juliet Madison


Imprint: Escape Publishing

Release date: 2013-10-01

Pages: 65 Pages

ISBN: 9780857990839


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'I went into this story hoping for a short, fun, lighthearted read, and that is exactly what I got... story of life and love, and all those moments when you're just not sure where it's all leading you.' Readerly Musings

A sparkling story from the Queen of Ro-magic comedy!

Aspiring actress Anna Hilford might only have a small role in a leading television drama, but she longs to be dreamboat Karl Drake's leading lady. Sick of being loveless and overlooked, Anna seeks the help of intuitive love coach, Lulu, from to give her the courage and determination to follow her destiny.

But fate has different ideas, Lulu has undisclosed power, and Anna is about to realise that life happens while you're busy making plans...


'It is original, fresh and keeps a smile on your face. I love stories with a magical twist and this one definitely has it.' - Harlequin Junkie

'This was such an enjoyable quick read and is suitable for all age groups.' - Cold Tea and Crumbs

'I'd highly recommend it as a story to brighten your day.'- Sam Still Reading

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About the author

Juliet Madison

Juliet Madison

Juliet Madison is a naturopath-turned-author with a background in dance, art, internet marketing and perfume sales (yes, she was one of those annoying people in department stores who spray you with perfume). Nowadays she prefers to indulge her propensity for multiple careers by living vicariously through her characters. She likes to put these characters into extraordinary situations and take them on a challenging journey to discover their true passion and inner strength, weaving in some laughs, tears, romance and sometimes a touch of magic along the way. Living near the beach on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales,...
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