Sky High, Bone Deep

Sky High, Bone Deep


by N.M. Harris


Imprint: Escape Publishing

Release date: 2014-07-01

Pages: 25 Pages

ISBN: 9780857991690


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Traditionally, leather is an anniversary gift. One couple is about to take that in a very non–traditional way...

Rory and Lily have been married for five years, and they have special plans to celebrate their anniversary: a little game involving a collar and a leash and some silky underwear...for Rory. A little light bondage can be just for fun – but beyond the play, there is love, bone deep and bright as the stars.

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About the author

N.M. Harris

N.M. Harris

NM Harris calls Melbourne home, but travels the world when she can and writes any moment she has to spare - even when on the road. Besides short erotic fiction, she also writes fantasy and horror under her full name, Narrelle M Harris.
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