A Recipe For Reunion

A Recipe For Reunion


by Vicki Essex

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Release date: 2015-03-01

Pages: 250 Pages

ISBN: 9780857995094


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Second time's the charm!

Nothing about working with his former high school crush, Stephanie Stephens, is ideal. Still, if Aaron Caruthers intends to save his grandmother's bakery, he must. Good thing he has a lot of ideas he can't wait to implement. He never imagines Stephanie would have her own ideas for the business. Or that they would clash with his!

It doesn't take working with her long for Aaron to realise his impression of Stephanie as a helpless ex-cheerleader is way off. And the more of her kindness and strength he sees, the more attracted he is! Now to convince her...

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Vicki Essex

Vicki Essex

Vicki Essex is the pseudonym for the newly minted superhero WRITER MOM. By day she takes care of the world's cutest baby, cat and husband. By night she does the same thing. Sometimes she even gets to write. She enjoys sleeping, Netflix and salty snacks. Visit her website at www.vickiessex.com, on Facebook.com/vickiessexauthor, and on Twitter @VickiEssex.
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