Blackmailed By The Boss

Blackmailed By The Boss

by Kathryn Ross


Imprint: Mills & Boon Sexy

Release date: 2014-08-01

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9780857997746


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In bed with the boss…

When Charlotte woke up in bed with her father’s business partner — her boss — she thought things couldn’t get much worse.

Then Jordan dropped his bombshell about her stepmother’s embezzlement. He would use the debt to take over the company — Charlotte’s inheritance! Worse still, in return for not prosecuting, he insisted that Charlotte must remain with the company for a year — at his command for business and pleasure! But the worst thing of all was that Jordan was so devastatingly, irresistibly desirable…

Mills & Boon Modern — Seduction, glamour and sinfully seductive heroes await you in luxurious international locations.

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