The Case Of The Good-For-Nothing Girlfriend

The Case Of The Good-For-Nothing Girlfriend


by Mabel Maney


Imprint: Mira

Release date: 2014-08-01

Pages: 320 Pages

ISBN: 9780857999689


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“The Funniest Damn titles in gay Fiction” – Instinct

If you travel with the Nurses' Guide to Snakes or can get a raisin pie stain out of a pink poplin frock, you'll fit right in with Nancy Clue and her gay chums on a road trip from sleepy Pleasantville, Idaho, to sparkling River Depths, Illinois, where Hannah, Nancy's beloved housekeeper, stands wrongfully accused of murder! Nurse Cherry Aimless, who fell head–over–penny–loafers for the world–famous girl detective in The Case of the Not–So–Nice Nurse, must help her new sweetheart clear Hannah's name–and her own–and restore her sterling reputation. But does Nancy deserve her devotion? Troubling discoveries force Cherry to do some sleuthing of her own. Is Nancy really the sweet, upstanding girl she seems to be? Like her beloved camp classics The Case of the Not–So–Nice Nurse and A Ghost in the Closet, Mabel Maney's The Case of the Good–For–Nothing Girlfriend brilliantly parodies 1950s boys' and girls' adventure series.

From the author of The Case of the Not–So–Nice Nurse and A Ghost in the Closet.

Praise for Mabel Maney
“For those adults who are just big and twisted kids underneath” San Francisco Weekly
“Tongue–in–cheek homoerotic hilarity that's fun, nostalgic, and completely contemporary” Los Angeles Reader
“Maney flawlessly lampoons the torpid style of both children's books and lesbian mysteries where similarly nothing happens without at least three changes of clothing and a good, hot meal” SF Weekly
“America's two greatest girl detectives as lovers? Could anything in the history of pop culture be more irreverent?” Newsday
“Maney has penned a mystery with tongue–in–cheek homoerotic hilarity that's simultaneously fun, nostalgic and completely contemporary” Los Angeles Reader

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Mabel Maney

Mabel Maney

Mabel Maney, author of the Nancy Clue and Hardly Boys mystery series, lives in San Francisco, California.
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