Forever Box Set Dec 2023/Fling With The Reclusive Billionaire/How To Win A Prince/Wedding Deal With Her Rival/Cinderella Assistant To Boss's

Forever Box Set Dec 2023/Fling With The Reclusive Billionaire/How To Win A Prince/Wedding Deal With Her Rival/Cinderella Assistant To Boss's

by Kate Hardy, Ally Blake, Susan Meier, Juliette Hyland


Imprint: Mills & Boon Forever

Release date: 2023-12-01

Pages: 528 Pages

ISBN: 9781038901859


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Mills & Boon Forever — Be swept away by glamorous and heartfelt love stories.

Fling With The Reclusive Billionaire - Susan Meier

An opportunity to heal…together?

Arriving on reclusive billionaire Grant Laningham’s private island, Lola’s hired to write the memoir of the allegedly grumpy workaholic. Yet Grant is nothing like she expects. The ‘genius with a hot temper’ is charming — and good-looking! Their attraction is undeniable, but a fling with her boss is dangerous to her already-shattered heart. Especially as Grant’s recently discovered he has a son! Losing her family devastated Lola — dare she take a chance on another?

How To Win A Prince - Juliette Hyland

Hitting the royal jackpot!

Entering a lottery to become a princess was only meant to boost Briella’s marketing business — not make her reformed rebel Prince Alessio’s bride-to-be! Brie thought it was a publicity stunt… Yet behind closed doors, their chemistry isn’t fake! Alessio’s determined to prove he’s worthy of his title, while Brie’s desperate for a loophole. But now that she’s won a prince, can she bear to part with her prize?

Wedding Deal With Her Rival - Kate Hardy

Her husband for a year…

‘Will you marry me?’ are words career-focused lawyer Catriona never expected to say. Especially not to her rival, Dominic. But to inherit her much-loved ancestral home, she must marry — immediately! Proposing a deal that benefits them both, Catriona trusts Dominic to keep it professional. After one failed engagement, she’s determined to keep this marriage on-paper only. Except planning their wedding reveals a connection she can’t ignore… Could one year become a lifetime?

Cinderella Assistant To Boss’s Bride -Ally Blake

Mixing business with pleasure!

Assistant Hadley has given her all to billionaire Ronan’s business. He’s infuriating and charismatic in equal measure! And her crush on him was a secret…yet he’ll never let his guard down whilst she’s his employee. Hadley’s only option? To resign! But she’s shocked when Ronan won’t let her go… Could her brooding boss finally be brave enough to risk his heart and promote this Cinderella to his bride?

About the author

Ally Blake

Ally Blake

Australian romance author Ally Blake has a thing for strong hot coffee, adores fluffy white clouds and bright blue skies, and is smitten with the glide of a soft, dark pencil over really good notepaper. She also loves writing warm, witty, whimsical love stories. With more than forty books published, and having sold over four million copies of her novels worldwide, she is living her dream. Alongside one handsome husband, their three spectacular children, and too many animal companions to count, Ally lives and writes in the leafy western suburbs of Brisbane. More about her books at
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Susan Meier

Susan Meier

Susan Meier spent most of her twenties thinking she was a job-hopper – until she began to write and realised everything that had come before was only research! One of eleven children, with twenty-four nieces and nephews and three kids of her own, Susan lives in Western Pennsylvania with her wonderful husband, Mike, her children, and two over-fed, well-cuddled cats, Sophie and Fluffy. You can visit Susan’s website at
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