Once Upon A Charming Bookshop

Once Upon A Charming Bookshop

Charming, Texas #6

by Heatherly Bell


Imprint: Mills & Boon Western Romance

Release date: 2023-12-01

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781038902191


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Time to rewrite their story?

He’d always simply been her best friend. But when Noah Cahill moved back to town, bookstore owner Twyla Thompson knew something was different. Was it holiday memories of the loss they both shared or Noah’s surprising decision to reignite a dangerous career? Their solid friendship had been through so much, yet now Twyla grew breathless every time Noah was near. Why wasn’t Noah — handsome, fun, but never-one-to-cross-the-line-Noah — showing any sign of stopping?

Mills & Boon Western Romance — Small towns, cowboys and contemporary romance, the all-American way!

About the author

Heatherly Bell

Heatherly Bell

Heatherly Bell drinks copious amounts of coffee, craves cupcakes, and occasionally wears real pants. She lives in northern California with her family. 
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