A Chance to Believe

A Chance to Believe

Redemption Creek #2

by Fiona Marsden


Imprint: Escape Publishing

Release date: 2024-02-01

Pages: 250 Pages

ISBN: 9781038903594


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Can a fling turn into a family?

After a chance meeting in Brisbane, Shayne Smith and Cassie Long had a perfect fortnight together. But when Shayne returned to his historic sheep property, they both assumed there was no future in a relationship between a city girl and a grazier.

Six months later, Cassie arrives at Maiden's Landing to let Shayne know they made more than memories in their brief idyll. She has no expectations, only a duty to let him know.

Shayne's life is already complicated with a property to run and a sixteen-year-old daughter growing up fast. He never expected the woman he can't forget to turn up on his doorstep bringing news that is all too familiar.

Fiercely independent Cassie isn't asking anything of him, but he persuades her to stay at his homestead until the babies are born. Cassie's difficult pregnancy means that any possibility of romance must be put on hold - despite the intense attraction they feel for each other. How long can they resist? And will each of them overcome their own baggage so they can build a future together?

About the author

Fiona Marsden

Fiona Marsden

Fiona Marsden has lived most of her life in rural Australia, sharing her five-acre block with kangaroos, wallabies and the odd koala and possum. Born and bred in Queensland, Australia, Fiona grew up in the far west of the state, lived for several years in Brisbane and is now settled on the Granite Belt in the rural south east.Fiona has worked as a governess, a clerk, a teacher aide, an enrolled nurse, a disability support worker and financial manager. She has also glued thousands of plant samples on card for storage.Married with seven children and two grandchildren, Fiona spent the...
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