Heart Box Set Jan 2024/Say It Like You Mean It/The Airman's Homecoming/Their Accidental Honeymoon/The Teacher's Unexpected Gift

Heart Box Set Jan 2024/Say It Like You Mean It/The Airman's Homecoming/Their Accidental Honeymoon/The Teacher's Unexpected Gift

by Rochelle Alers, Syndi Powell, Sabrina York, Mona Shroff


Imprint: Mills & Boon Heart

Release date: 2024-01-01

Pages: 528 Pages

ISBN: 9781038904706


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Mills & Boon Heart — Stories of love, compassion and happiness.

Say It Like You Mean It - Rochelle Alers

After being betrayed by her actor husband, Shannon Younger is content with her new life — far from the spotlight. But when the pastry chef crosses paths — for a second time! — with landscape-architect-to-the-stars Joaquin Williamson, he hypnotises her whenever they’re together. And since they’re both living at his family’s château-turned-hotel...that’s a lot! Joaquin’s a reminder of the life Shannon fled. But could he also be a new beginning?

The Airman’s Homecoming - Sabrina York

From the moment Noah Crocker steps into Amy Tuttle Tolliver’s bakery, the self-made baker’s a confection he can’t resist. The stunning entrepreneur needs help...and the parajumper medic is more than happy to share his hidden baking talent! When he realises his unexpected link to the husband Amy lost in combat, the instant connection to her — and her two adorable sons — intensifies. Noah’s always been searching for home. Could it be that he had to come all the way to tiny Coho Cove to find what he was looking for?

Their Accidental Honeymoon - Mona Shroff

Spending his tropical honeymoon with his lifelong best friend Rani Mistry was the balm Param Sheth needed after being jilted on his wedding day. Until an unexpected kiss unleashes emotions long held in check! Param and Rani agree it was a mistake, never to be discussed again. But when Rani declares their (fake) elopement so Param’s younger brother can be married, they can’t ignore their very real — and very buried — feelings much longer. And as Rani’s pretend husband, Param wonders whether it’s finally time to make this fantasy come true...

The Teacher’s Unexpected Gift - Syndi Powell

With the exception of her divorce, teacher Cecily Karsten plans everything. So exactly how did annoyingly good-looking paramedic Gus Sheridan convince her to take her beloved Pops on one last road trip? Now they’re all off to Lighthouse Bay, Michigan, to find Pops’s first love. But their journey down memory lane has a few surprises in store...especially when love takes the wheel.

About the author

Syndi Powell

Syndi Powell

Syndi Powell started writing stories when she was young to help her find out what happened after the happily ever after in her favorite stories and has made it a lifelong pursuit. She’s been reading Harlequin romance novels since she was in her teens and is thrilled to join their team. She lives near Detroit with her husband, stepson, and a cat and dog who believe they run the household. She loves to connect with readers on Twitter @syndipowell or on Facebook.
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