Healing The Baby Doc's Heart

Healing The Baby Doc's Heart

by Fiona McArthur


Imprint: Mills & Boon Medical

Release date: 2024-03-01

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781038908131


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The last thing this neonatal nurse needs is to develop feelings for her devastatingly handsome new colleague! But can she resist the pediatrician? Find out in the latest from Fiona McArthur!

Beneath the paediatrician’s brooding facade...

Neonatal nurse Isabella has dropped everything to rush back to Australia to be with her dying grandmother and pregnant sister. But her new role on the NICU quickly leads her to cross swords with guarded, handsome neonatal doc Simon! He’s the exact type she’s learned to avoid — a commitment phobic workaholic. Until Isabella sees behind this widower’s walls to a heart that needs healing...could they be each other’s chance for a happy future?

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About the author

Fiona McArthur

Fiona McArthur

Fiona McArthur is an Australian midwife who lives in the country and loves to dream. Writing Medical Romance gives Fiona the scope to write about all the wonderful aspects of romance, adventure, medicine and the midwifery she feels so passionate about. When not writing, Fiona's ether at home on the farm with her husband or off to meet new people, see new places and have wonderful adventures. Drop in and say hi at Fiona's website www.fionamcarthurauthor.com
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