Heart Of Fire/Seduction And Sacrifice/Desire And Deception/Passion And The Past

Heart Of Fire/Seduction And Sacrifice/Desire And Deception/Passion And The Past

Hearts of Fire #1

by Miranda Lee


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2024-02-01

Pages: 368 Pages

ISBN: 9781038909510


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What happens when the love, scandals and hope between two powerful families are revealed?

Seduction And Sacrifice

Everyone warned Gemma about Nathan, but she believed he wasn’t heartless — just heartbroken. Clearly he is still in love with his ex–wife, Lenore, so Gemma tries to hide her attraction to him. However, Lenore knows loving a woman isn’t one of Nathan’s talents. Not like Zachary Marsden — loyal, handsome, protective, he is the perfect husband, and Lenore has secretly loved him for years. But she also knows that her ideal man will never leave his wife…

Desire And Deception

Jade has a special name for Kyle Armstrong: Mr Cool. Her father had hired him as the new marketing manager of Whitmore Opals — the job she wanted! But the more she tries to hate Kyle, the more she finds him attractive; this is real desire!

Jade feels uneasy about Gemma, though, because real love is what the poor, innocent girl feels for Nathan. And Jade has no illusions about the type of man her adoptive brother is — could Kyle Armstrong be made the same way as Nathan…with ice in his veins, instead of hot blood?

Passion And The Past

Melanie couldn’t believe the intense attraction she felt for Royce Grantham the moment he set his blue eyes upon her! She’d been so sure after the tragic end to her marriage that she could never feel anything for a man again. Will her determination not to repeat past mistakes prove stronger than the emotions that are aroused in her whenever she is with Royce?

Elsewhere in the Whitmore household, Gemma, Nathan’s trusting young bride, had already been seduced — by passion. Now she is discovering the difference between Nathan’s lust, and her love…

About the author

Miranda Lee

Miranda Lee

After leaving her convent school, Miranda Lee briefly studied the cello before moving to Sydney, where she embraced the emerging world of computers. Her career as a programmer ended after she married, had three daughters and bought a small acreage in a semi-rural community. She yearned to find a creative career from which she could earn money. When her sister suggested writing romances, it seemed like a good idea. She could do it at home, and it might even be fun! She never looked back.
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