Medical Box Set April 2024/Forbidden Nights With The Paramedic/Rebel Doctor's Baby Surprise/Rescued By The Australian GP/An ER Nurse To Rede

Medical Box Set April 2024/Forbidden Nights With The Paramedic/Rebel Doctor's Baby Surprise/Rescued By The Australian GP/An ER Nurse To Rede

by Emily Forbes, Alison Roberts, Sue Mackay, Louisa Heaton, Traci Douglass


Imprint: Mills & Boon Medical

Release date: 2024-04-01

Pages: 728 Pages

ISBN: 9781038909930


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Mills & Boon Medical — Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Forbidden Nights With The Paramedic - Alison Roberts

A dangerous temptation!

After a family trauma, self-proclaimed playboy Edward is living life to the fullest. On his first day with Aberdeen based air rescue paramedics he’s floored by the instant crackle of electricity he experiences with crew partner Jodie. It’s clear heartbroken Jodie’s not willing to risk another workplace romance, but a secret fling could be just what they need! Will forbidden nights together lead to a forever they’ve been too scared to consider?

Rebel Doctor’s Baby Surprise - Alison Roberts

A newborn on his doorstep...

Dr James’s world is turned upside down with the arrival of stranger, nurse Sarah. Because Sarah’s not alone, she’s holding a tiny bundle — his surprise daughter! As if the situation isn’t complicated enough, he feels an immediate connection to baby Ivy’s beautiful guardian. And as this rebel doc opens his home — temporarily! — to this makeshift family, walking away with their hearts intact soon becomes impossible...

Rescued By The Australian GP - Emily Forbes

Her knight in shining scrubs!

Following years of her ex’s abuse, trusting anyone, even herself, doesn’t come naturally to Ella. So, she barely recognises the frisson of attraction she feels for Australian GP Luke when he rescues her and her daughter from a flood. Only, she can’t stop thinking about him! Luke’s tormented by the ways he’s let others down, yet Ella can see he’s honest and kind. But is their growing bond strong enough to give her a much-deserved happily-ever-after?

An ER Nurse To Redeem Him - Traci Douglass

A reason to stay?

Flying EMT Tate is the new guy in town, but he won’t be staying long. Grief and guilt keep this ex-military medic on the move. Inadvertently becoming ER nurse Madi’s date to a charity auction should change nothing...but that’s before Tate and the usually cautious-in-love Madi share a toe-curling kiss! Is their unexpected connection the key to redeeming this haunted hero?

Marriage Reunion With The Island Doc - Sue MacKay

A second chance in paradise?

At a destination wedding, nurse Alyssa is hoping for a stress-free break. But the best man is her ex-husband, island GP Leighton! Their whirlwind marriage collapsed as quickly as it began when Leighton suddenly withdrew from her. Alyssa never understood why, and now that they’re stuck together for a fortnight, she wants to find out! Will her dream holiday end in closure...or a romantic reunion?

Single Mum’s Alaskan Adventure - Louisa Heaton

Old friends. New beginnings?

Determined to outrun a humiliating ordeal, single mum Dr Charlie arrives in Alaska and is stunned to meet her boss — a blast from the past — delectable local doc, Eli. They clash at first, but Eli’s infectious enthusiasm soon brings Charlie out of her shell...and, even though he’s holding something back, their chemistry skyrockets! Charlie knows she has to stop running eventually, and a fresh start with Eli would certainly be a life-changing adventure...

About the author

Emily Forbes

Emily Forbes

Emily Forbes is an award winning medical romance author for Harlequin Mills & Boon. She has written 28 books and in 2013 won the Australian Romantic Book of the Year for her novel Sydney Harbor Hospital: Bella's Wishlist.Get in touch with Emily at, via her website, her Author Page on Facebook or chat with Harlequin Medical Romance authors at
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Sue Mackay

Sue Mackay

With a background of working in medical laboratories and a love of the romance genre it's no surprise that Sue Mackay writes medical romance stories. She wrote her first story at age eight and hasn't stopped since. She lives in New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds where she indulges her passions for cycling, walking and kayaking. When she isn't writing she also loves cooking and entertaining guests with sumptuous meals that include locally caught fish.
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Louisa Heaton

Louisa Heaton

I'm a married mother of four (including a set of twins) and I live on an island in Hampshire. When not wrangling my children, husband or countless animals, I can often be found walking along the beach muttering to myself, as I work out plot points.In my spare time, I read a lot, quilt and patchwork, usually when I ought to be doing something else.
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