Modern Box Set 5-8 June 2024/His Chosen Queen/Prince's Forgotten Diamond/Twins To Tame Him/Billionaire's Runaway Wife

Modern Box Set 5-8 June 2024/His Chosen Queen/Prince's Forgotten Diamond/Twins To Tame Him/Billionaire's Runaway Wife

by Tara Pammi, Emmy Grayson, Bella Mason, Rosie Maxwell


Imprint: Mills & Boon Modern

Release date: 2024-05-15

Pages: 488 Pages

ISBN: 9781038911520


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Mills & Boon ModernEscape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

His Chosen Queen - Bella Mason

Playboy Prince Vasili was never intended for the throne of Thalonia — and never wanted it. When tragedy promotes him to king, palace advisors insist he secures the line of succession. Vasili’s choice of bride is his final act of rebellion...

The palace librarian to marry His Majesty? Ridiculous, thinks Helia Demetriou. She finds solace in books, not ballgowns! Although becoming queen might help those growing up orphaned, as she did...except with their first binding kiss, Helia realises her royal dilemma: she’s wildly attracted to her strictly convenient king.

Prince’s Forgotten Diamond - Emmy Grayson

Julius wakes after an accident with only two clues to his identity: a diamond engagement ring and the name Esmerelda Clark. He tracks Esme to her Caribbean hide-out and shockingly discovers she was once his bodyguard. And he’s a Crown Prince!

Esme fled Julius’s kingdom convinced the ever-dutiful royal was destined for a more suitable bride. He seemingly has no recollection of the forbidden night that’s etched on her memory. Yet his heated gaze tells her their passion is still alive. However, princes don’t marry their bodyguards — do they?

Twins To Tame Him - Tara Pammi

Greek tycoon Sebastian spent three years searching for Laila Jaafri. Now she’s appeared with shocking news — her toddler twins are his! Could this be playboy Sebastian’s wake-up call to step up and become the father he never had?

There’s just one problem: they hate each other! He’s furious she hid his heirs; she’s not convinced by his sudden wish to play happy families. When Laila refuses his marriage proposal, Sebastian dials up the charm, confident their explosive chemistry will convince her — only to realise his desire goes far beyond the physical...

Billionaire’s Runaway Wife - Rosie Maxwell

When his runaway bride returns for a family funeral, Domenico Ricci is outraged...especially by his own reaction. After Rae’s shocking rejection, how can he still find her irresistible? Even more outrageous is his grandmother’s dying decree: to save the Italian’s palazzo, the pair must stay married!

Rae had to leave. Her craving for her husband was all-consuming enough to eclipse her whole identity if she didn’t. She’s stronger now, and she’ll stay in Venice as his wife to prove it. If only she’s strong enough to resist their dangerously blistering chemistry...

About the author

Tara Pammi

Tara Pammi

Tara Pammi can't remember a moment when she wasn't lost in a book, especially a romance which, as a teenager, was much more exciting than mathematics textbook. Years later Tara’s wild imagination and love for the written word revealed what she really wanted to do: write! She lives in Colorado with the most co-operative man on the planet and two daughters. Tara loves to hear from readers and can be reached at or her website
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Bella Mason

Bella Mason

Bella Mason has been a bookworm from an early age. She has been regaling people with stories from the time she discovered she could hold the dinner table hostage with her re-imagined fairy tales. After earning a degree in Journalism, she rekindled her love of writing and she now writes full time. When she isn't imagining dashing heroes and strong heroines, she can be found exploring Melbourne, with her nose in a book or lusting after fast cars.
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