Suspense Box Set June 2024/A Colton Kidnapping/Hotshot's Dangerous Liaison/Stalker In The Storm/Undercover Heist

Suspense Box Set June 2024/A Colton Kidnapping/Hotshot's Dangerous Liaison/Stalker In The Storm/Undercover Heist

by Carla Cassidy, Justine Davis, Lisa Childs, Rachel Astor


Imprint: Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense

Release date: 2024-05-15

Pages: 568 Pages

ISBN: 9781038911810


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Mills & Boon Romantic SuspenseDanger. Passion. Drama.

A Colton Kidnapping - Justine Davis

A marriage of protect two small children from danger.

They had nothing in common — Briony, a shy accountant and Greg, a gruff Colton rancher. But after the death of their two best friends, Briony and Greg become uneasy guardians of the couple’s two children. When the children’s dangerous grandfather tries to gain custody, the two new parents know they must get married to protect their found family. Can Briony and Greg save the children — and also their hearts — as they grow closer together?

Hotshot’s Dangerous Liaison - Lisa Childs

Set dangerand him!

Hotshot firefighter Michaela Momber is used to saving people from peril. But when a saboteur puts Michaela’s team in their sights, she’s the one under fire. Volunteer firefighter Charlie Tillerman could be a prime suspect. And yet, Michaela knows another side of the enigmatic Charlie: he’s the father of the baby she thought she could never have! Together, can they elude a killer to save their unborn child...and one another?

Stalker In The Storm - Carla Cassidy

While he’s chasing a monster...a stalker is circling her.

Detective Ben Cooper doesn’t do commitment. When Bailey Troy’s nail salon becomes a murder scene, he asks her out so that he can make sure she’s all right — that’s what he tells himself, anyway. But his desire to protect her intensifies when an anonymous someone starts leaving her gifts. Is the serial killer he’s hunting targeting Bailey? Or is she facing an entirely different threat?

Undercover Heist - Rachel Astor

One last heist...brings them together again!

When art curator Ruby Alexander’s former mentor disappears, she must dive back into a criminal past she’s tried to leave behind — and reconnects with Shane Meyers, one of her crew and someone she hasn’t been able to forget. Sneaking into a secure facility, lifting a jewel-encrusted artifact and rescuing their former partner should be easy. But can Ruby do the job without risking her heart, or will working side-by-side with her old flame prove too dangerous?

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Lisa Childs

Lisa Childs

Ever since Lisa Childs read her first romance novel (a Harlequin of course) at age eleven, all she ever wanted to be was a romance writer.  Now an award winning, best-selling author of nearly fifty novels for Harlequin, Lisa is living the dream. Lisa loves to hear from readers who can contact her on Facebook, through her website or snail mail address PO Box 139, Marne, MI 49435.
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