Quills - Masking Her Secrets/The Duke's Cinderella Bride/The Lady Gambles

Quills - Masking Her Secrets/The Duke's Cinderella Bride/The Lady Gambles

by Carole Mortimer


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2024-04-03

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781038915993


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The Duke’s Cinderella Bride

Brooding Hawk St. Claire, Duke of Stourbridge, believes Jane Smith to be a mere servant girl — albeit a remarkably attractive one! So when genteel Miss Jane is wrongly turned out of her home for inappropriate behaviour following their encounter, the duke takes her in as his ward.

Although Hawk is the first man to make Jane’s pulse race, she knows she cannot risk falling for his devastating charm. A marriage between them would be forbidden — especially if he were to discover the shameful truth about her...

The Lady Gambles

Her heart pounding beneath the bright lights of London’s most fashionable gambling club, Lady Caroline Copeland nervously steps out from behind the curtain...

Eyes scanning the crowd, she’s drawn to a devilish-looking gentleman glowering at her from the back of the room. The intensity of his gaze burns through her disguise, making her throat dry, her cheeks pink. Caro’s gambled her reputation to be here, and can’t risk letting anyone close enough to expose her secret — no matter how much her body craves to give in...

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