Mediterranean Men Blockbuster 2024/The Greek's Blackmailed Mistress/The Italian's Bride On Paper/The Greek's Secret Heir/Whisked Away By Her Mi

Mediterranean Men Blockbuster 2024/The Greek's Blackmailed Mistress/The Italian's Bride On Paper/The Greek's Secret Heir/Whisked Away By Her Mi

by Lynne Graham, Rebecca Winters, Kim Lawrence, Nina Milne


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2024-05-01

Pages: 528 Pages

ISBN: 9781038916556


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The Greek’s Blackmailed Mistress - Lynne Graham

‘I do have an option to offer you.’ Three months between the Greek’s sheets!

Blackmailed into the billionaire’s bed? Elvi can’t believe her attempt to appeal to heartless Xan’s benevolent side has gone so wrong! But to save her stepmother’s job, she nervously agrees to the Greek’s outrageous terms. Xan is gorgeous with a damaged side only Elvi sees — but how will he react when he realises that his new mistress is an innocent virgin?

The Italian’s Bride On Paper - Kim Lawrence

‘I want you to stay here — but as my wife.’

When Maya Monk’s half-sister disappears, Maya is left holding her baby! Then Samuele Agosti arrives at her door — announcing his claim to the child. The arrogant billionaire sends all of Maya’s senses into overdrive...

Samuele doesn’t trust anyone. But as Maya won’t leave his nephew’s side, he’ll have to trust her! Which feels dangerous in his Tuscan villa, where their chemistry rises to boiling point. But the easiest solution to winning custody is a convenient marriage to the one person who challenges Samuele’s every emotional barrier!

The Greek’s Secret Heir - Rebecca Winters

The billionaire is back...for good?

Alexa has never forgotten her first love, Nico Angelis. A mix-up tore their relationship apart...and Alexa felt like she had no choice but to keep their child a secret. Now Nico is back. He can’t believe he’s a father. While Alexa is thrilled that he wants to be a part of their daughter’s she ready to be part of his?

Whisked Away By Her Millionaire Boss - Nina Milne

Swept into his glamorous world...will she fall for the tycoon?

After an unexpected encounter with Ben Gardiner, dashing owner of the fashion company whose offices she cleans, single mum Sarah Fletcher takes a gamble, sharing her ideas. Amazingly, Ben loves them! Whisked away to work with him in Milan, their attraction is increasingly undeniable. This high-class world’s like nothing Sarah’s known — but back home, will Ben let Sarah and her daughter into his life?

About the author

Lynne Graham

Lynne Graham

Lynne Graham lives in Northern Ireland and has been a keen romance reader since her teens. Happily married, Lynne has five children. Her eldest is her only natural child. Her other children, who are every bit as dear to her heart, are adopted. The family has a variety of pets, and Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collecting allsorts and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.
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Kim Lawrence

Kim Lawrence

Kim Lawrence was encouraged by her husband to write when the unsocial hours of nursing didn't look attractive! He told her she could do anything she set her mind to, so Kim tried her hand at writing. Always a keen Mills & Boon reader, it seemed natural for her to write a romance novel - now she can't imagine doing anything else. She is a keen gardener and cook and enjoys running on the beach with her Jack Russell. Kim lives in Wales.
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Nina Milne

Nina Milne

Nina Milne has loved Mills & Boon, since as a child she discovered stacks of M&B books ‘hidden’ in the airing cupboard so is thrilled to now write for them. Nina spent her childhood in England, US and France. Since then she has acquired an English degree, 1 hero-husband, 3 gorgeous children and a house in Brighton where she plans to stay. After all she can now transport herself via her characters to anywhere in the world whilst sitting in pyjamas in her study. Bliss!
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