All He Wants/This Kiss/A Cowboy Returns/Texas Outlaws

All He Wants/This Kiss/A Cowboy Returns/Texas Outlaws

by Kimberly Raye, Debbi Rawlins, Kelli Ireland


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2024-05-01

Pages: 476 Pages

ISBN: 9781038916587


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This Kiss - Debbi Rawlins

Hang on! It's gonna be a wild ride...

Champion bull rider Ethan Styles knows he should avoid injury before the National Finals. But riding in Blackfoot Falls’ charity rodeo is worth the risk. Inviting a hot little buckle bunny to his room? Also worth it...until she handcuffs him to the bed and tells him she’s a bounty hunter!

Sophie Michaels had a huge thing for Ethan in high school. The chance to see him again — even if it’s to bring him in — is irresistible. Except it's not quite that easy. Until the charity rodeo is over, Sophie is glued to Ethan’s side all day...and all night. She knows she should return her fugitive to justice, but once you have a cowboy in your bed, you never want to let him go.

A Cowboy Returns - Kelli Ireland

You never forget your first cowboy!

Eli Covington erased all traces of his cowboy upbringing to become a high-powered attorney. Then his father dies, and his brothers need him to rescue the family ranch. So, after fourteen years, Eli returns to the life he left behind — and the one woman he can’t resist.

Veterinarian Reagan Matthews was furious with Eli for leaving her all those years ago, and yet she was never quite able to let him go. Their attraction is as incendiary as ever, and Eli is very good at stoking the flames. But Eli doesn’t belong in her world, any more than Reagan belongs in his. So until Eli leaves for good, why not take her pleasure where she can? Pleasure only her cowboy can provide...

Texas Outlaws: Jesse - Kimberly Raye

Wanted: a red-hot rebel.

Ever since his father’s famous bank robbery years ago, rodeo cowboy Jesse James Chisholm has been the bad boy of Lost Gun, Texas. A rule-breaker. A heartbreaker. But he’s still haunted by his history, and the only girl who could match his wildness with her own — until she ditched her own bad girl ways in favour of respectability...

But mayor-elect Gracie Jones isn’t quite the upstanding role model she projects. Underneath those conservative skirts and blouses? Very naughty underthings. But Jesse’s return has not only stirred her long-slumbering wild side, but an insatiable hunger for this rugged, sexy cowboy. And this Texas town is gonna see a side of the Wild West they never expected.

About the author

Kimberly Raye

Kimberly Raye

USA TODAY bestselling author Kimberly Raye started her first novel in high school and has been writing ever since. To date, she’s published more than fifty-eight novels, two of them prestigious RITA® Award nominees.  Kim lives deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with her husband and their young children.  You can visit her online at
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Kelli Ireland

Kelli Ireland

Kelli Ireland spent a decade as a name on a door in corporate America. Unexpectedly liberated by Fate's sense of humor, she chose to carpe the diem and pursue her passion for writing. A fan of happily-ever-afters, she found she loved being the Puppet Master for the most unlikely couples. Seeing them through the best and worst of each other while helping them survive the joys and disasters of falling in love? Best. Thing. Ever. Visit Kelli's website at
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