Life & Love New Release Box Set April 2024/Outback Princess/Outback Bride's Baby Bombshell/Forbidden Nights With The Paramedic/Rebel Doctor

Life & Love New Release Box Set April 2024/Outback Princess/Outback Bride's Baby Bombshell/Forbidden Nights With The Paramedic/Rebel Doctor

by Ally Blake, Alison Roberts, Rachael Stewart


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2024-04-01

Pages: 528 Pages

ISBN: 9781038916877


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Outback Princess - Ally Blake

To claim her inheritance, Matilda Waverly must be wed within the year. But Matilda has a secret: she’s already married! She hasn’t seen Henri since she fled their wedding night, so tracking him down is essential — but exciting and terrifying in equal measure. Especially when she learns Henri is actually a prince! And the undeniable spark between them has never gone away…

Outback Bride’s Baby Bombshell - Rachael Stewart

Returning to her family’s outback homestead, Eve feels like a fish out of water. She’s only in town to contest the ridiculous terms of her inheritance. Get married? As if! Finding a distraction in the arms of gorgeous stranger Nate is one thing. Discovering he’s the lawyer enforcing her father’s will is another… And the biggest bombshell of all is that their one night had consequences!

Forbidden Nights With The Paramedic - Alison Roberts

After a family trauma, self-proclaimed playboy Edward is living life to the fullest. On his first day with Aberdeen based air rescue paramedics he’s floored by the instant crackle of electricity he experiences with crew partner Jodie. It’s clear heartbroken Jodie’s not willing to risk another workplace romance, but a secret fling could be just what they need! Will forbidden nights together lead to a forever they’ve been too scared to consider?

Rebel Doctor’s Baby Surprise - Alison Roberts

Dr James’s world is turned upside down with the arrival of stranger, nurse Sarah. Because Sarah’s not alone, she’s holding a tiny bundle — his surprise daughter! As if the situation isn’t complicated enough, he feels an immediate connection to baby Ivy’s beautiful guardian. And as this rebel doc opens his home — temporarily! — to this makeshift family, walking away with their hearts intact soon becomes impossible...

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Ally Blake

Ally Blake

Australian romance author Ally Blake has a thing for strong hot coffee, adores fluffy white clouds and bright blue skies, and is smitten with the glide of a soft, dark pencil over really good notepaper. She also loves writing warm, witty, whimsical love stories. With more than forty books published, and having sold over four million copies of her novels worldwide, she is living her dream. Alongside one handsome husband, their three spectacular children, and too many animal companions to count, Ally lives and writes in the leafy western suburbs of Brisbane. More about her books at
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