Society's Most Scandalous Collection/How to Woo A Wallflower/How To Cheat The Marriage Mart/How To Survive A Scandal

Society's Most Scandalous Collection/How to Woo A Wallflower/How To Cheat The Marriage Mart/How To Survive A Scandal

Society's Most Scandalous #1

by Christine Merrill, Virginia Heath, Millie Adams


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2024-06-01

Pages: 368 Pages

ISBN: 9781038920287


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Meet Society’s Most Scandalous! Now available in a boxset, discover what drama awaits the infamous Fitzroy family in this deliciously rompish Regency trilogy from Virginia Heath, Millie Adams and Christine Merrill.

How to Woo a Wallflower - Virginia Heath

Jasper, the Earl of Beaufort, hasn’t seen Lady Harriet Fitzroy since her serious riding accident. She has grown into a kind, spirited woman, whose sinful smile plays havoc with his jaded emotions! Hattie’s family disapprove of Jasper’s rakish past, but when she risks her reputation to help him, the least he can do is pull her from the wallflower chairs and out of the shadows…

How to Cheat the Marriage Mart - Millie Adams

George Claremont, Marquess of Curran, has cultivated his rakish reputation to enable his covert work helping children in England’s workhouses. Now the destruction of these institutions hinges on a well-laid marriage proposal. But stepping into the wrong room at a ball — and into a compromising situation with the prim Kitty Fitzroy — threatens his plan to cheat the marriage mart… Or might he have found the perfect accomplice?

How to Survive a Scandal - Christine Merrill

Captain William Grosvenor’s body may be recovering from battle, but his survivor’s guilt remains. The last thing he should be doing is kissing mysterious maids in carriages. Especially when that ‘maid’ is in fact debutante Lady Annie Fitzroy! Sparring with adventurous Annie is exhilarating, but it’s also dangerous. Because the biggest scandal of the Season is about to explode…and Annie is at the heart of it!

About the author

Christine Merrill

Christine Merrill

Christine Merrill wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. During a stint as a stay-at-home-mother, she decided it was time to “write that book.” She could set her own hours and would never have to wear pantyhose to work! It was a slow start but she slogged onward and seven years later, she got the thrill of seeing her first book hit the bookstores. Christine lives in Wisconsin with her family. Visit her website at:
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Virginia Heath

Virginia Heath

When Virginia Heath was a little girl it took her ages to fall asleep, so she made up stories in her head to help pass the time while she was staring at the ceiling. As she got older, the stories became more complicated, sometimes taking weeks to get to the happy ending. Then one day, she decided to embrace the insomnia and start writing them down. But it still takes her ages to fall asleep.
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