The Return Of Bowie Bravo/His Most Important Win

The Return Of Bowie Bravo/His Most Important Win

Bravo Family Ties #0


by Christine Rimmer, Cynthia Thomason


Imprint: Mills & Boon Blush Duo

Release date: 2012-07-01

Pages: 432 Pages

ISBN: 9781460803073


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The Return Of Bowie Bravo by Christine Rimmer

Timing never had been Bowie Bravo's his strong suit. And the fact that he walked in the door – after seven years away – just when Glory Rossi was about to go into labour with another man's child, certainly proved that point! Because the last time Glory had seen Bowie was when she was delivering his child – a little boy who'd never known his real father.

Bowie was now a respectable businessman, and he was more than ready to be a father – to both of Glory's children. He was also ready to be a husband, to the woman he'd never been able to live without.

His Most Important Win by Cynthia Thomason

Bryce Benton is back! Living in his small hometown again coaching his old team, and back in love with his high school sweetheart.

But this time around, Bryce is playing for keeps. He's determined not to lose the heart of Rosalie Campano ever again. Only problem is, Bryce's first love has been keeping a big secret from him all these years. And when he discovers the son Rosalie never told him about, the betrayal may just be too painful for all three of them. Then again, true love can be a real game changer…

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Cynthia Thomason

Cynthia Thomason

Cynthia Thomason writes about small towns, big hearts and happy endings that are not taken for granted. A multi-award winning author, she began her publishing career in 1998 and has since published more than thirty novels. Her favorite locales are the North Carolina mountains and the Heartland where she was born and raised. Cynthia lives in Florida where she hopes to share her home soon with another rescue dog. She likes to travel and be with family. Her son, John, is also a writer.
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