Tempting The New Guy

Tempting The New Guy

Glory Tales #2


by Alegra Verde


Imprint: Spice Briefs

Release date: 2012-01-01

Pages: 33 Pages

ISBN: 9781460813775


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The last thing Glory James needs is another office affair. She's already having a steamy fling with her boss, Bruce Davies–a fling where Glory calls the shots in the bedroom. Nevertheless, she's tempted by her new coworker Clement Johns's confidence and southern charm...not to mention the chance at a normal relationship. But as things start heating up with Clement, what will Glory do when Bruce decides he's not willing to share her?

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About the author

Alegra Verde

Alegra Verde

Alegra Verde began writing erotic fiction in 2009. That same year Virgin Black Lace published two of her stories. Since then, her fiction has appeared in anthologies published by Harlequin, Zane, Cleis, Avon and several others. She has a Ph.D in English Literature from SUNY Albany and lives in Detroit where she teaches writing and literature at a local college.
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