Billionaire Bachelors

Billionaire Bachelors


by Anne Winston


Imprint: Mills & Boon Desire

Release date: 2012-07-01

Pages: 127 Pages

ISBN: 9781460838846


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Because of the terms of a will, Garrett Holden had to share his stepfather's tiny cabin in Maine with Ana Birch for one month. A hardened businessman, Garrett was lost moments after meeting the beautiful stranger, and he knew spending thirty days together would be pure torture on his libido.

But as hard as he tried to resist Ana's charms, the die–hard bachelor was quickly captivated by her compassionate nature, her zest for life...and her tempting curves. Still, Ana's true identity remained a mystery – who exactly was the lovely Ana Birch, why was she named in the will...and how could he walk away from her once the thirty days were up?

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