Coming Up For Air

Coming Up For Air

Uniformly Hot! #29


by Karen Foley

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Blaze

Release date: 2012-07-01

Pages: 164 Pages

ISBN: 9781460852378


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Subject: Army Major Chance Rawlins, Helicopter Pilot.
Current Status: Soon–to–be–deployed to Afghanistan.
Mission: Report to Captain Jenna Larson for a sexy, one–night inspection.
Obstacle: She's mistaken him for another man!

Major Chance Rawlins has a bit of a reputation, both in and outside of the helicopter cockpit. He's a hotshot, and he knows it. But when he enjoys a spontaneously naughty night with Captain Jenna Larson, Chance realizes Jenna has no idea who he is and that she's mistaken him for his twin brother!

Since it was just a one–nighter, Chance decides not to give the game away. But when their paths cross again in the dry heat of Afghanistan, Chance sees an opportunity to show Jenna exactly who he is and what he can do to her. After all, the best pilots know when to hold back and when to engage in a little sexy fire!

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Karen Foley

Karen Foley

They say New England roots run deep, and it seems it's true. Karen is proud to be a sixth-generation New Englander and is happy to be living in the same small community where her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were raised.Growing up, she could always be found curled up with a book. When she wasn't reading, she was writing, trying to capture on paper the endless stories that filled her imagination. Nothing gives her more pleasure than creating a story with memorable characters, a seemingly insurmountable conflict and of course, a happy ending.After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, Karen...
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