Seducing The Proper Miss Miller

Seducing The Proper Miss Miller


by Anne Winston


Imprint: Mills & Boon Desire

Release date: 2012-07-01

Pages: 132 Pages

ISBN: 9781460867389


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Thad Shippen had no business being anywhere near hallowed ground, and certainly not lusting after chaste Miss Chloe Miller. The virginal do–gooder deserved far better than the town's black sheep for a husband. She deserved a white picket fence, 2.2 kids and a straight–laced man who knew what hearth, home and family were all about. Thad could only make her grist for the gossip mill.

But marry her, he did .

When Chloe vowed to love and honour her husband, she truly meant the words. She believed in Thad with all her heart and would defend him till the end. Because this man whom everyone thought was so bad for her was oh, so good .

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