Regency Mischief/Secret Heiress/Bartered Bride

Regency Mischief/Secret Heiress/Bartered Bride




Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2012-07-01

Pages: 564 Pages

ISBN: 9781460884157


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Secret Heiress

With his handsome good looks and rakish reputation, Lord Daniel Seaton is a draw for any eligible young misses. But much to the disgust of every other woman, Eliza Bancroft is the lucky lady's companion who has caught his eye.

Eliza would dearly love to succumb to Daniel's flirtations, but propriety stops her. She is illegitimate – hardly an ideal wife for Daniel! But the temptation is too much to bear...

Bartered Bride

Her hand in marriage traded in a game of cards, innocent Lottie is completely out of her depth engaged to Lord Rothsay. Not only is he a womaniser, he also knows that Lottie isn't the woman he'd agreed to marry!

Rothsay should have no qualms about ending this folly of a betrothal – especially when he learns he has been deceived. But sweet–natured Lottie has got under his skin and suddenly he wants to turn his fiancee into a wife for real!

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