Taming The Dragon

Taming The Dragon


by Kendra Leigh Castle

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Nocturne Bites

Release date: 2012-12-01

Pages: 67 Pages

ISBN: 9781460888889


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Tess McGarry is only supposed to deliver a silver dragon pendant to its rightful owner and she'll be paid handsomely. But this simple job gets complicated when she comes face to face with the hottest–and most difficult–man she's ever laid eyes on. A man who says he wants to claim her as his mate.

Kaden St. George was once a fierce warrior, a leader among his kind. But pursued by hunters intent on exterminating dragons and stealing his treasure, Kaden has gone into hiding–until he is awakened by a beautiful woman who has something that belongs to him…

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Kendra Leigh Castle

Kendra Leigh Castle

Kendra Leigh Castle was born and raised in the far and frozen reaches of Northern New York, where there was plenty of time to cultivate her love of reading thanks to the six- month-long winters. Her continuing love of heroes who sprout fangs, fur, and/or wings, however, is something no one in her family has yet been able to explain. She also has a home on the web at www.kendraleighcastle.com, and loves to hear from her readers. Please stop by and say hello!
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