Summer Seductions - 3 Book Box Set

Summer Seductions - 3 Book Box Set

Greek Tycoons #0


by Lynne Graham, Sharon Kendrick, Lucy Gordon


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2013-01-01

Pages: 564 Pages

ISBN: 9781460889930


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The Contaxis Baby by Lynne Graham

Devastated by his half–brother's death, Greek tycoon Sebasten Contaxis decides to punish Lizzie Denton – the woman he believes responsible. But when he discovers that the beauty he can't keep his hands off is none other than Lizzie, there's a change of plan... After all, one broken heart deserves another.

The Unlikely Mistress by Sharon Kendrick

Art dealer Guy Masters is a millionaire playboy while Sabrina is, well... ordinary. But for one passionate night in Venice she forgets her humdrum life, the pain of losing her fiance, and accepts Guy's invitation to stay with him in London. On a purely platonic basis, of course!

His Pretend Wife by Lucy Gordon

Andrew Blake will operate on Elinor's daughter, Hetta. He's also the man Elinor nearly married... A single dad now, Andrew wants Elinor to become his housekeeper and childminder – a pretend wife. Agreeing, for all their sakes, Elinor can't help wondering if she can ever be Mrs Blake for real...

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