The Sheikh Who Claimed Her - 3 Book Box Set

The Sheikh Who Claimed Her - 3 Book Box Set

Brothers of Bha'Khar #0


by Teresa Southwick, Susan Stephens, BARBARA MCMAHON

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2013-08-01

Pages: 528 Pages

ISBN: 9781460890714


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Master Of The Desert by Susan Stephens

Sheikh Ra'id al Maktabi mastered the inhospitable desert and he'll do the same with the sexy stowaway who has clambered onto his yacht. Heiress Antonia Ruggiero is put to work and after hours he'll take her between the sheets!

The Sheikh's Reluctant Bride by Teresa Southwick

Jessica Sterling has just discovered she has a family in the desert kingdom of Bha'Khar. Apparently she's been betrothed since birth to rich, arrogant, gorgeous Sheikh Kardahl Hourani. Kardahl is happy to marry but love isn't on his agenda.

Accidentally The Sheikh's Wife by Barbara McMahon

Bethanne Sanders enjoyed flying Sheikh Rashid's luxurious plane, but she hadn't expected to be suddenly promoted to princess! Yet it was only for convenience; sheikhs don't fall for ordinary girls…

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Teresa Southwick

Teresa Southwick

Teresa Southwick discovered her love for the written word because she was lazy. In a high school history class she was given a list of possible projects and she chose to do an imaginary diary of Marie Antoinette since it seemed to require the least amount of work.But she soon realized that to come up with any plausible personal entries for poor Marie she needed to know a little something about the woman. Research was required. After all, Teresa sincerely wanted to pass the class. Nowadays, she finds that knowing as much as she can about her characters is more...
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