Protected By The Major/A Marriage Of Notoriety/Unveiling Lady Clar

Protected By The Major/A Marriage Of Notoriety/Unveiling Lady Clar

The Masquerade Club #0


by Anne Herries, Diane Gaston, Carol Townend


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2014-01-01

Pages: 240 Pages

ISBN: 9781488703966


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Protected By The Major – Anne Herries

Bound by marriage to a cruel lord, Madeline no longer dares to remember the love she shared with Major Hallam Ravenscar. But when her husband offers her favours to a notoriously depraved Marquis to settle his debts, Maddie knows she must escape. Should she turn to honourable Hallam or would she end up tainting him with her shame?

A Marriage Of Notoriety – Diane Gaston

The mysterious 'pianiste' is the Masquerade Club's newest attraction, captivating guests with her haunting music. Only Xavier Campion, the club's new proprietor, recognises Phillipa Westleigh, the lady with whom he once shared a dance. Concerned for her safety, Xavier escorts her home each night. But when their moonlit strolls are uncovered the only protection Xavier can offer is marriage!

Unveiling Lady Clare – Carol Townend

Sir Arthur Ferrer catches sight of her amongst the stands at the Twelfth Night joust. There is something about her eyes…he's seen them before. But when he goes to find the mysterious woman, she's disappeared!

Clare has been running from a dark past. But this handsome knight seems determined to unveil her secrets. Will she dare to let him glimpse the real Lady Clare?

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Diane Gaston

Diane Gaston

Diane Gaston's dream job had always been to write romance novels. One day she dared to pursue that dream and has never looked back. Her books have won Romance's highest honours: the RITA Award, the National Readers Choice Award, Holt Medallion, Golden Quill, and Golden Heart. She lives in Virginia with her husband and three very ordinary house cats. Diane loves to hear from readers and friends. Visit her website at:
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