Australian Bosses - 3 Book Box Set

Australian Bosses - 3 Book Box Set

This Time Forever #0


by Emma Darcy


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2014-02-01

Pages: 512 Pages

ISBN: 9781488705328


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The Marriage Decider

For two years Amy Taylor managed to keep her sexy boss at arm's length. But one emotionally charged morning irrevocably changed all that. Seeing Jake Carter, determined bachelor, with his sister's baby tucked comfortably into the crook of his arm, Amy's barriers had suddenly come tumbling down.

So what if matters did get briefly and wildly out of hand? It was business as usual now. Until Amy realised that marriage could now be on the agenda – as her boss was about to become the father of her child!

Their Wedding Day

Once a handsome prince rescued a beautiful princess... Well, that was what Rowena Goodman's children believed. And they soon decided that Keir Delahunty was the prince sent to rescue their mother. But Rowena had trouble believing that Keir, who had left her waiting all those years ago, who could have any woman he desired, wanted her.

Keir insisted he loved Rowena and the children. To prove his good intentions he set out to slay all Rowena's dragons. Rowena was left with no excuses – and one devastating secret to share with Keir...

His Boardroom Mistress

Liz prides herself on being the ultimate assistant: efficient, almost invisible to her boss. Which is just as well, since she's attracted to him. But getting involved with Cole Pierson would break every taboo, not to mention her heart...

However, when she indulges in a makeover, Liz isn't prepared for Cole's hostile reaction! Little does she know that he's stunned by her transformation – he wants her, but he's worried that he'll lose her. There's only one way to keep her in his employment – by extending her job description to duties in his bed!

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