Snow Blind

Snow Blind


by Cassie Miles


Imprint: Mills & Boon Intrigue

Release date: 2014-09-01

Pages: 220 Pages

ISBN: 9781488706240


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An innocent woman witnesses a brutal murder and turns to a sexy deputy for protection in USA Today bestselling author Cassie Miles's new thriller.

Anticipating a week of skiing and self–indulgence at a luxurious Colorado condo, Sasha Campbell gets more than she bargained for. Some innocent spying one evening takes a sinister turn when she witnesses a woman's murder. And unfortunately for Sasha, she could be next in line.

Brady Ellis is the only thing standing between predator and prey. The small county deputy knows protecting Sasha will be his greatest challenge. And he's not taking any chances.

Moving her from the resort to his family's ranch, Brady quickly finds himself drawn to Sasha in less than professional ways. But the job has to come firstespecially when they wind up face–to–face with the killer.


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