Elemental Desire

Elemental Desire


by Denise Tompkins

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Nocturne Bites

Release date: 2014-05-01

Pages: 75 Pages

ISBN: 9781488720246


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Only one woman can bring him to his knees. . .

Seth is manager of Desire, the hottest night spot in Atlanta. He's also an ifrit–a djinn born from primal fire–and it's his burning sexual energy that lures women to his club. At closing time, Seth takes his pick from throngs of gorgeous creatures incapable of resisting him. And, one night, he chooses Eden. Or does she choose him?

Neither wants anything more than a few hours of mind–blowing sex. But Eden is a witch, a high priestess charged with keeping the elements in balance. Her magic binds Seth to her, and, eventually, it will snuff out his flame altogether.

Seth's only hope is submission–to Eden's command, and to the emotions he tries so hard to master.  But, first, Eden must find the strength to wield her power in ways she never imagined…

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Denise Tompkins

Denise Tompkins

Kelli Ireland spent a decade as a name on a door in corporate America. Unexpectedly liberated by Fate's sense of humor, she chose to carpe the diem and pursue her passion for writing. A fan of happily-ever-afters, she found she loved being the Puppet Master for the most unlikely couples. Seeing them through the best and worst of each other while helping them survive the joys and disasters of falling in love? Best. Thing. Ever. Visit Kelli's website at www.kelliireland.com.
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