The Bride Wore Blue Jeans

The Bride Wore Blue Jeans


by Mary Anne Wilson


Imprint: Mills & Boon By Request

Release date: 2013-09-01

Pages: 190 Pages

ISBN: 9781488723636


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The Wedding March Began…

…and the bride bolted. An eleventh–hour discovery about her would–be groom sent Annie Thomas on the run. She was desperate to reach her daughter before he did, when her car was run off the road by a reluctant savior in a yellow Corvette.

Quint Gallagher had landed in jail by helping a damsel in distress. When another faced him hours after his release, his instincts told him to run. But when she climbed into his car, his resolution and common sense went out the window.

With the road behind them and secrets between them, would Quint and Annie find a future before them?

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About the author

Mary Anne Wilson

Mary Anne Wilson

Mary Anne was born in Toronto, Canada, and started writing when she was nine years old. She was so acutely disappointed in the ending of A Tale of Two Cities that she rewrote the last chapter, letting Sydney Carton live... and still made him a heroic character.Years later, she moved all the way to Southern California, where she found the love of her life. She also found out she really didn't miss all that snow in the winter, and found the courage to finally start writing her own novels, making sure they had happy endings. She wrote eight romance novels...
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