Brides And Grooms Bundle/Groom Wanted/Bride Wanted/Marriage Wante

Brides And Grooms Bundle/Groom Wanted/Bride Wanted/Marriage Wante

From This Day Forward #1


by Debbie Macomber


Imprint: Mira

Release date: 2014-06-01

Pages: 454 Pages

ISBN: 9781488742187


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Groom Wanted

Aleksandr Berinski was a brilliant Russian biochemist, but his days in the United States were numberedunless he got married! And who else could make him a groom but the very woman who needed him to stayJulia Conrad? Her company would go under without his help, and Aleksandr knew he'd be lost without Julia in his life.

Having once been betrayed by her emotions, Julia dared not risk any romantic entanglements. If there had to be a marriage, it would be one in name onlyyet Aleksandr's passionate kisses, his tenderness and patience proved a challenging test to his "wife's" best defenses...

Bride Wanted

His billboard was brazen, but with mere weeks to find a wife to warm his winter nights, forthright frontiersman Chase Goodman couldn't waste time on sweet talk.

Lesley Campbell was not in the market for pretty promises. She'd been fooled once by loving lies and now distrusted her heart. She would wed this handsome Alaskan for reasons that had nothing to do with loveand in the frozen North, she'd be safe from broken vows forever.While warm, sensual Lesley more than lit his fire, Chase wanted her completelybody and soul. And he'd promise anything to make his bride his wife....

Marriage Wanted

Can you marry in haste and not repent at all?

As far as Nash Davenport's concerned, marriage isn't shelter from the storm, it is the storm. He's a divorce attorney, himself divorced, who believes no married couple can live up to their wedding vows. Savannah Charles, however, believes in the value–and the values–of marriage. She's a wedding planner who finds herself saying yes when Nash unexpectedly proposes. Even though it's strictly a business proposal.

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