Shadows And Light

Shadows And Light

Men of Courage #1


by Lindsay McKenna


Imprint: Mira

Release date: 2014-06-01

Pages: 177 Pages

ISBN: 9781488742248


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Shadows and Light

Reconnaissance officer Craig Taggart had vowed to forget nurse Susan Evan's tender touch and honeyed lips–lips he'd tasted but once, before she'd abruptly married another. For four tormented years he'd braved peril, toughening his mettle and hardening his bitter resolve. But when he crash–landed deep in the sadow of death, it was Susan's gentle hands tending his wounds...and her tempting lips calling to his heart...

Dangerous Alliance

Marine Captain Dan Ramsey couldn't get the vulnerable Libby Tyler out of his mind. He would do anything to prove that the happiness Libby ached for could be hers again...but the past had cruelly taught her that loving a marine meant sorrow and loss. Drawn together in the face of danger, their alliance was the answer to soothing the pain of Dan's own past–and to restoring Libby's faith in love once more...


Hard–as–nails Sergeant Joe Donnally was tough by habit and training––and fought to stay that way. A tragic loss had closed his heart, yet captivating new partner Annie Yellow Horse stirred dormant emotions Joe had long ago denied. Annie's promise of love meant an end to his loneliness and pain ...but when peril threw them into the line of fire, could Joe take the ultimate chance and offer his love to her?

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