Highland Rogue, London Miss

Highland Rogue, London Miss


by Margaret Moore


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2014-08-01

Pages: 363 Pages

ISBN: 9781488782213


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Lord of Vice Quintus MacLachlann is arrogant – unapologetically so.

When he's asked to impersonate one half of a married couple to infiltrate Edinburgh society he relishes the challenge of being 'married' to the frustratingly wilful yet beautiful Esme. Lady of Virtue?

Esme makes no bones about her fervent dislike of the dishonoured rake. He's the last person on earth she can conceive of marrying – sham or otherwise. But being forced to play wife to the handsome-as-sin wastrel brings up very real feelings of desire…

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About the author

Margaret Moore

Margaret Moore

An award-winning author of over sixteen historical romance novels, Margaret began her career at the age of eight when she concocted stories featuring a lovely damsel and a handsome, misunderstood thief. She's had a soft spot for handsome, misunderstood rogues ever since. Unknowingly pursuing her destiny, Margaret graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. She also demonstrated a facility for language by winning the Winston Churchill Silver Medal for public speaking. She now utilizes this gift of the gab by giving workshops for various writing groups, including Romance Writers of...
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