Outback Skies - 3 Book Box Set

Outback Skies - 3 Book Box Set

The Australians #5


by Barbara Hannay


Imprint: Mills & Boon Series Special Releases

Release date: 2014-11-01

Pages: 421 Pages

ISBN: 9781488790355


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Three timeless tales of love in the Australian Outback by bestselling author Barbara Hannay.

Outback With the Boss

Grace Robbins and her new boss, Mitch Wentworth, had managed to deny their attraction until they got lost together in the Australian wilderness. Away from civilization, their lives potentially in danger, their true feelings surfaced. Then they were rescued...

Back at the office, Mitch was every inch the boss and Grace was determined to keep a cool head. But they were both fighting the memory of their nights in the outback—and maintaining a professional distance might not last for long....

Outback Baby

Will a baby bring them together?

Max Jardine always behaves like a bossy big brother to Gemma Brown. Except for one night five years ago—a night they have never talked about since. But now Gemma is moving into Max's remote Outback home to help him care for a friend's baby....

Seeing stubborn, gorgeous Max with a baby in his arms confuses Gemma—almost as much as it intrigues Max to see Gemma all grown up! And tension mounts as they confront the past...

A Bride at Birralee

When Sydney girl Stella Lassiter discovers that she's pregnant, she travels to the Outback seeking her ex-boyfriend for help, only to bump into the one man she's hoping to avoid—Callum Roper.

A year ago Callum had been drawn to Stella at a party, but quickly realized she was off-limits. Now, however, he is determined to make her unborn baby part of his family. And marriage seems the perfect solution.…


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About the author

Barbara Hannay

Barbara Hannay

Barbara Hannay lives in North Queensland where she and her writer husband have raised four children. Barbara loves life in the north where the dangers of cyclones, crocodiles and sea stingers are offset by a relaxed lifestyle, glorious winters, World Heritage rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef. Besides writing, Barbara enjoys reading, gardening and planning extensions to accommodate her friends and her extended family.
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