The Rake To Reveal Her

The Rake To Reveal Her

Ransleigh Rogues #4


by Julia Justiss

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2015-05-01

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781488796784


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Her words trailed off, her lips slightly parted as she stared at his face...his mouth.
Attraction crackled like heat lightning between them again, scorching his face, leaving his mouth tingling.

Dominic Ransleigh has nothing left to live for. Disfigured and impaired on the battlefield he has retreated to a life of solace in the countryside. A life everyone is content to let him have.

Everyone, except his new neighbour Theordora Branwell.

Theo knows a thing or two about grief after having lost her fiancée to the war. She's ready to move forward and spread her new outlook on life by opening a home to war orphans. With so much renewal and growth sprouting under her own roof, she can't help but reach out to Dom.

But Dom doesn't expect his annoyance at the girl next door to turn to attraction, and Theo couldn't prepare herself for the lust that overcomes her. Theoretically they make the perfect fit, but realistically Theo isn't as innocent as she appears, clinging to a secret that has lived on for too long.

When an enemy from Theo's past threatens all she holds dear, Dom knows he has to help her…but how will he react when she reveals her secret?

The Rake to Reveal Her is a full–length regency romance of white hot lust and scandal. This is part of the Ransleigh Rogues series but is read as a standalone. 

 “Another Justiss triumph” – RT Book Reviews

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