The Best Of Anne Mather

The Best Of Anne Mather


by Anne Mather

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Release date: 2016-04-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781489208705


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Dark Mosaic

Jessica Devlin was the illegitimate daughter of a recently deceased millionaire. Because a horrible accident had wiped out her memory, she was recuperating at the Yorkshire estate of her father's cousin – enigmatic James Bentley. She wondered about James's relationship with her father's wife, Laura. And she was puzzled by the reasons behind Laura's incredible malice toward her. While Jessica desperately tried to piece together her memories, she had to struggle with her compelling attraction to James. If only she didn't feel he was keeping something important from her...

An Elusive Desire

As a girl, Jaime had learned how powerful love can be in the arms of a wealthy Italian count, Raphael di Vaggio. Yet she had rejected him to pursue her career. He had found someone else and for five years Jaime had struggled single–mindedly for financial and emotional independence. Then a twist of fate revived old memories and a passion she thought had died. Too late she realised she had made the wrong decision. Surely now there could be no turning back


Ten years ago, Jordan Lucas fell innocently in love with a musician visiting her Caribbean island home. She experienced the soaring flight of first love and the bitter crash of betrayal. She needed no reminder of how she'd been used. It was bad enough that she would never forget her humiliation when his wife had shown up with a young child in tow. Now Rhys Williams was back...and he'd brought his teenage daughter with him. Jordan was tempted to ignore Rhys's presence – but she realised that would be impossible.

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