Bound By The Unborn Baby

Bound By The Unborn Baby


by Bella Bucannon


Imprint: Mills & Boon Forever

Release date: 2016-07-01

Pages: 172 Pages

ISBN: 9781489215352


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"As far as everyone's concerned, Alina, this child is ours." 

Surrogacy is the closest Alina Fletcher dares get to motherhood. But when she must tell tycoon Ethan James she's carrying his late sister's child, his solution takes her breath away–a temporary marriage of convenience for the baby's sake!  

Alina knows it's the right decision for her baby, but is marrying a stranger–especially one who makes her heart sing!–the right choice for her? Having loved and lost her own family, this proposal could be another chance at happiness…if only Alina's brave enough to say "I do"!

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