Evan And Darcy

Evan And Darcy


by Melanie Coles


Imprint: Escape Publishing

Release date: 2016-07-01

Pages: 350 Pages

ISBN: 9781489217042


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Jane Austen gets a little dusty in this outback retelling of a beloved story about a man who learns that first impressions can be wrong when you're looking for Ms Right.

Wheat farmer Evan Bennet is happy being single until his brother falls for the new girl in town, wealthy hotel owner Claire Bingley. Suddenly finding a girl seems more appealing…unless you're talking about Claire's best friend, pretentious lawyer Darcy Fitzwilliam. Her cold manners have Evan seeing red, and when a cute girl with links to Darcy's past catches his eye, he's even more determined to dislike her.

When a startling revelation turns Evan's world upside down and he unexpectedly crosses Darcy's path again, he's forced to reassess his opinion of her. But just as he starts to open his heart, a crisis engulfs his family, threatening to destroy any hope of a future with Darcy.

With a cloud hanging over his family, Evan knows his chance of winning Darcy's heart is gone… until some surprising news and a generous gift leave him wondering if her heart might be his after all.

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Melanie Coles

Melanie Coles

While other children spent their lunchtimes climbing tyre walls or playing kiss-chasey, Melanie spent hers in the library with either her nose in a book, a pen in her hand or her head in the clouds. Throughout her school years she wrote countless stories, only to lose her writing mojo sometime after high school. Thankfully she rediscovered it in the dead of night some twenty years later and now juggles writing with family life and her work as an Executive Assistant. A hopeless romantic, Melanie is addicted to chocolate and happily-ever-afters, and may also have an obsession with Jane Austen...
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