by Isolde Martyn


Imprint: Mira

Release date: 2017-04-01

Pages: 448 Pages

ISBN: 9781489220615


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A maidservant mistaken for a wealthy bride, a sharp-tongued jester and a great lord determined to save his city-state from being destroyed by a papal crusade. In this medieval tale of intrigue and deception set in the time of the troubadours, can love prevail against savagery, and right against treason?

Can an unlikely alliance between a maidservant and a powerful lord save a city from destruction?

Forced to flee the English court after the lecherous King John attacks her, Adela, the queen's hairbraider, finds employment in the entourage of Lady Alys. Alys is on her way to marry the Lord of Mirascon, a fiefdom in southern France. However, the south is under threat from Pope Innocent III's military crusade against the heretics.

After trying in vain to rally his fellow lords against invasion, Richart, Vicomte de Mirascon, makes an alliance with King John. A political marriage to the Lady Alys – the king's discarded mistress – will allow Richart to safeguard his people from a merciless land grab and cruel slaughter.

When the bridal party is ambushed, Adela is mistaken for her dead mistress by the people of Mirascon. Adela knows she must tell Richart that she is not his betrothed, but as she is dragged deeper into the deception, she is also powerfully drawn to the beleaguered man trying to protect his people and his culture. Adela is recognised by the dwarf Derwent, Richart's English jester, who seems willing to keep her secret for the time being. Yet as suspicion builds up against her, paying with her life seems inevitable.

As the savage army marches south, can Richart and Adela overcome a web of deceit and treachery and evade the bonfires of the crusaders, or will their land of troubadours and tolerance be destroyed forever?

Set in the time of the Crusades, Isolde Martyn's newest historical adventure has all the battle, action and romance of the Outlander series, plus the political intrigue and danger of a Philippa Gregory novel.

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Isolde Martyn

Isolde Martyn

Ever since visiting the Tower of London as a child, history has been Isolde's passion and what better way of sharing that enthusiasm than writing historicals! Her recent novel, TROUBADOUR is how a lord, a serving wench and a jester joined to save their city-state from a savage army.Isolde won the Rita Award for 'Best First Novel 2000' from Romance Readers of America and her first two novels won the 'Romantic Novel of the Year Awards [the R*BY]' in Australia.
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