Country Escapes - 3 Book Box Set

Country Escapes - 3 Book Box Set


by Anne Mather

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2016-11-01

Pages: 640 Pages

ISBN: 9781489227263


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Olivia didn't expect returning home to be easy. And it wasn't. Especially when it was Matthew Ryan who met her at the airport when she returned to England from her grandmother's funeral. Matt and Olivia were once passionate lovers and he even proposed. Instead, she chose to leave Matt and it nearly broken her heart. But now Olivia discovered their past was far from over because their potent attraction flares brighter than ever!

Brittle Bondage

Rachel's marriage had ended tears. Ben was unfaithful to her, she was sure but he had denied it. Now their only contact was their small daughter, Daisy. Now Daisy wanted a divorce but her ex–husband's reaction was very surprising! Ben was reluctant to accept that their relationship was over…did Rachel dare to believe that the brittle bonds still tying her to Ben could ever be the basis for a lifetime of loving?

Innocent Sins

Memories of a long–ago summer night still taunt Laura Neill. With all the provocative innocence of youth, she stole into her stepbrother Oliver's bedroom, and discovered love and fleeting happiness in his arms. Driven away by his apparent betrayal, it's been eight long years since Laura last visited home. Can she now face Oliver without confessing the aching love she still feels for him – or the secrets she's held all this time?

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